Hiring A Designer

Top Six Things To Know When Hiring a Designer:

1. Have A Defined Project - write a list of objectives in order of importance.

2. Have A Defined Budget in Mind Before Meeting with Your Designer - your Budget may define whether you and your designer are a good match.

3. Inquire About Your Designer's Resources - Where do they source?  -most Interior Designers build and manufacture their own custom upholstered goods and source from "Trade Only" sources.  If you are more a BIG BOX retailer BUYER, working with an interior designer may not be for you as most designers do not buy the majority of their goods from retail manufacturers.

4.Decision Makers -  should be present at the initial meeting - if there is a significant other that also needs to weigh in on the hiring of such - ensure that party is also present at the initial meeting.

5. Admiring Their Work - you should hire a designer whose work you admire or can relate to.  If that is not the case- find another designer.  A GOOD designer  can execute any plan, but typically best to work with someone who specializes in an aesthetic that resonates with you.

6. Retainer - Be prepared to pay a retainer for "project hours" and in turn receive a financial incentive for such.  IE. client pays cost plus 30% for trade goods versus MSRP or retail fees as part of the business arrangement.

 LCB Suggested Decorating Budgets - (LCB MAINLY sources from Trade ONLY Resources and Builds All Upholstered Items; Custom)

Low Range to High Range*

Living Room -  $15k to $35k

Dining Room - $15k to $25k

Master           - $10k to $20k

Family Room - $15k to $25k

Guest Room -  $  8k  to $12k

Outdoor -         $12k to $25k

* Ranges are not exclusive or limited to - merely provided as an example